• 4%

    Hourly Interest Rate: 0.17%
    Minimum: 0.01 BTC
    Maximum: 1.00 BTC
    Daily Interest Rate: 4%
    Initial Deposit Back Anytime

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  • 5%

    Hourly Interest Rate: 0.21%
    Minimum: 1.01 BTC
    Maximum: 5.00 BTC
    Daily Interest Rate: 5%
    Initial Deposit Back Anytime

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  • 6%

    Hourly Interest Rate: 0.25%
    Minimum: 5.01 BTC
    Maximum: 50.00 BTC
    Daily Interest Rate: 6%
    Initial Deposit Back Anytime

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  • 7%

    Hourly Interest Rate: 0.30%
    Minimum: 50.01 BTC
    Maximum: No Limit
    Daily Interest Rate: 7%
    Initial Deposit Back Anytime

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  • 12%

    Hourly Interest Rate: 0.5%
    Minimum: 0.5 BTC
    Maximum: 5.00 BTC
    Daily Interest Rate: 12%
    Initial Deposit Back Anytime

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  • 24%

    Hourly Interest Rate: 1%
    Minimum: 0.7 BTC
    Maximum: No Limit
    Daily Interest Rate: 24%
    Initial Deposit Back Anytime

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  • 130%

    After Duration: 1 Day
    Minimum: 0.1 BTC
    Maximum: 3.0 BTC
    Profit Duration: 1 Days
    Initial Deposit Back Anytime

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  • 1500%

    After Duration: 3 Days
    Minimum: 3.01 BTC
    Maximum: No Limit
    Profit Duration: 3 Days
    Initial Deposit Back Anytime

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About Us

In 2016, we clinch to establish a business plan to span the business external side of the UK. We plan to build a few mining centers in Germany and Finland in 2017. In order to ensure investors timely profit and return of investment, Bentsen Lloyd has registered the company in London in July 2016. Since then, Cryptonium Limited officially accepts investments from all comers, regardless of their country of residence. Today the company furnish an superior position of funds under trust management service with the ability to make a profit every hour and get back principal deposit at any time. You can join our numerous investors on the website. read all


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    We have 4 daily plans. Earnings are credited hourly after the time of deposit and paid instantly. Initial deposit back anytime

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  • We accept only Bitcoin
    Very secure payment
    gateway which is used
    all over the world and
    can be buy and sell easy.

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Cryptonium Ltd holds that a forthright business model and theory helps us to reach further and achieve more, which is why we have decided to showcase our innermost statistics for you to analysis.

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